Glenn Creek Nature Preserve

The unique Broadleaf tree Piedmont habitat tends to a moist (Mesic) environment supporting hardwood trees along with oak, pine and hickory trees. One of the few remaining intown Piedmont Habitats, Glenn Creek Native Preserve is also the headwaters of Glenn Creek. This creek flows through the north Decatur area and eventually into Peavine Creek. Like most of the Piedmont Habitat, Glenn Creek Preserve contains rolling hillsides with a somewhat complex geology.

As work within the Preserve by neighbors, Girl Scouts, high school students and a visiting team of sheep, the extensive ivy coverage is slowing being removed. As the ivy disappears, native plants are beginning to emerge including the celebrated Spring trillium plant. 

Piedmont Habitat: Glenn Creek Nature Preserve

The Preserve is home to a varied bird population, supports native bees as well as other beneficial insects. Supported by local neighborhood associations as well as individuals, this reclaimed land is slowly returning to its native habitat form.

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