Glenn Creek Nature Preserve

What is the Glenn Creek Nature Preserve and Why Does It Matter?

The Glenn Creek Nature Preserve was established by neighbors and friends of the City of Decatur to permanently protect this two-acre bio preserve of native Piedmont Habitat. Open to the public, the preserve treats visitors to natural walking trails, the calming sounds of Glenn Creek (part of the South Fork Peachtree sun-watershed), and plenty of shade from its beautiful tree canopy. The Nature Preserve is located at 100 Fairview Street, Decatur, GA 30030.

Welcome to Glenn Creek Nature Preserve, one of the important bio preserve examples of a native Piedmont Habitat found in the Atlanta area. Initially, Glenn Creek was called "Hunter's Branch," but over the years it became known as Glenn Creek, which is one of many headwaters located in the city of Decatur.

The importance of Glenn Creek Nature Preserve is an example of what a community of neighbors can achieve in creating and maintaining a valued land resource. These individuals included those living in Decatur Heights, Glenwood Estates, Sycamore Ridge and Sycamore Station. As the work continues each year, it is supported by donations and fundraising events to enable invasive removal, native plantings and the overall maintenance of the space.

The history of the actual Preserve began when local arborist Neil Norton recognized the fragility of the area. Neil reached out to neighbors in the early 2000s to explore ways to save the area for future use. At the time, it was not a recognized area for its value, but rather an area with a creek and area that was full of many invasives as well as some valued native trees. Once the leaders of the neighborhood associations started talking and drawing in their neighbors, efforts began the work on efforts to preserve the area for use of the community.

In the early 2002, neighbors organized fundraising events, talked with Decatur leaders and initiated discussions on how neighbors could become custodians of the space. With the help of these fundraisers, serious planning and volunteer work efforts on small areas as areas were slowly stripped of invasive plants - especially masses of ivy. In addition, a successful application for a Governor’s Parks Program under Governor Roy E. Barns meant additional funding for the effort. Now, real significant progress began to unfold.

Over the years, neighbors and volunteers pulled ivy, cleared trash, created pathways and began talking with the City of Decatur on the properties’ long-term use and preservation. The conversations with the city officials proved successful and the Preserve was designated as a city park and greenspace. As part of that commitment, neighbors and friends continue each year to support and work on the Preserve.

Following all these efforts, Neil Norton was awarded the “Hometown Hero Award” in 2003 and again in 2024.

Address: 100 Fairview Avenue, Decatur, GA 30030

Open to the public from sunlight to sunset, the Preserve treats visitors to natural walking trails and the calming sounds of Glenn Creek. There is plenty of shade from its beautiful tree canopy and quite walkways. The creek eventually flows into the South Fork of Peachtree Creek which eventually empties into the Chattahoochee River. Dogs are welcome on a leash following the rules of all Decatur Parks.


The Glenn Creek Nature Preserve was established by neighbors and friends of the City of Decatur to permanently protect this two-acre bio preserve. All funds raised during the year through donations and events are kept in a separate Glenn Creek Nature Preserve account with the city of Decatur. All expenses require a valid receipt of purchase. These purchases include the recent sheep clearing of huge swathes of ivy and invasive plants, the purchase of native plants of the Piedmont Habitat, and expenses to conduct event fundraisers.

To donate, visit the Glenn Creek Nature Preserve Go Fund Me.

Copies of all expenses are available for public view through the Contact Us page.

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